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A unique experience

Come to Samstorp Farm where you will have the opportunity to see animals in their natural habitat and interact with them on a level playing field. It is our goal that we as humans need to treat the nature and all animals.

Samstorp Farm participates in a European society to preserve the Wisent as a species. Wisent is also known as the European bison and is the largest land-living animal i Europe. 

The animals you get to meet

Besides the Wisent, you will experience close encounters with one of Europe's largest deer: The Red Deer. Fallow Deers are smaller but equally nice to meet. I hägnet bor även Mufflonfår och Vildsvin.

Although Samstorp Farm is classified as a zoo, we are far from a traditional zoo. Here, everything happens on the animals' terms - we are lucky to be able to visit them in their natural habitat.


To join us on a safari tour you must book tickets in advance. The payment is taken care of when you arrive.

Make sure not to be here the last minute as you need to take care of the payment and find good seats in our special built wagons.

We have two wagons that is designed for handicapped people. Just let us know in advance and we'll make sure to prepare your arrival.

Visit us with camper

We are excited to let you know that we will be able to offer camping spots for motorhome this year! 

We have been noticed an increased demand and it's only getting higher each year. 

Therefore, we're happy to announce that you can reserve a spot at our partner's website or app (available for both iOS and Android). Make sure to check out


Our shop is full of tasty delicacies and has a varied range of products, many of which are produced here on the farm. We also offer a huge selection of meats, other goodies mostly from local producers but also some from other parts of Sweden!

We produce sausages in a wide variety of flavors, honey, smoked fish / shrimps and even cheese. Our quality meat is either from our farm or meat from wild animals nearby. Everything is prepared in our food grade facilities. 

It's important to us to be able to guarantee that we treat the animals with the respect they deserve as well as to know that the meat we sell are handeled correctly.

Our huge selection of delicious food varies depending on the season.


If there's one thing that summer is all about, it's happy people, delicious food and entertainment!

That's why Samstorp Farm will be going big on events in the 2021 summer season: come for some absolutely incredible  genuine Swedish memories.

If you'd like to eat, please book a table using this e-mail address:

Two of this year's highlights!

24/7 - Casanova 

7/8 - Larz Kristerz   

During both these evenings you have to purchase tickets in advance.

Contact us for more information.

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